TarkusLive plays the repertoire of Emerson, Lake & Palmer at the height of their career in 1973-74.

Stéphane Lavallée - keyboards, Éric Leblond - drums and percussions, Christian Lavallée - guitar and vocals, François Collins - electric bass.

TarkusLive's performances are marked with authenticity, both in the playing
and in the undeniably unique sound of ELP. For this, the same instruments of this mythical era are used.
(analog modular synthesizer, Minimoog, Hammond C-3, etc.)

What drives TarkusLive to tackle this colossal masterwork is a passion for this rich and unique music.
It is also the desire to meet the challenge of playing these pieces in full.
Finally, it is the certainty that there is a wide audience ready to rediscover
this unique music live, in concert, and enable it to live long.

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